The Garage Italia Milano Restaurant occupies a single large, trapezoidal hall overlooking the Accursio square, with panels of glass smoothly enlightening the environment that faces the building’s wings.
At the center of the space, the body of a Ferrari 250 GTO has been transformed into a functional cocktail station to enhance the evenings. On the ceiling, the shape of a real toy electric track invites to fall back into childhood, for a total of 35 mt of wood with steel inserts, with 22 mini Formula 1 models.

Every bench, table and chair has been specially designed for the restaurant. Also, exclusive “298” chairs from designer De Lucchi appear in a customized version with racing graphics.
Nine Ferrari Daytona seats and two Ferrari 599 seats have been transformed into armchairs. As a key element of the room, the couch has been created in a style according to Gianni Agnelli’s emblematic Ferrari, featuring two-color Frau leather jackets and USB hinged armrests.

Restaurant Times

19.30 - 2.00


02 2222 0307




Take place in this outstanding restaurant to enjoy a creative gastronomic proposal by Chef Carlo Cracco and Chef Gabriele Faggionato. Discover a menu inspired by the richness of Italian regional recipes, according to the seasons and renewing with traditional values of the Italian savoir-vivre.

The menu is made of sophisticated food, yet offered in its simplest expression to sublimate the ingredients.

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Human Force

Aboard luxury

On the extreme edge of the terrace overlooking Milan, have a quality time in a little paradise. The Riva Privé is a cosy and fancy place surrounded by tropical vegetation that appears to grow into the leafy branches of the trees in viale Certosa. It is adorned like the famous motorboat Aquarama, with mahogany flooring and maple louvres with sofa-covered sofas nautical in iconic white and blue colors of the renowned Italian nautical brand.

“Working on this project has been wonderfully exciting. Garage Italia is a magic container where fun, creativity, good cooking, passion and dreams coexist.”