Eco-friendly conception

The whole project of the new Garage Italia headquarters was thought up to evoke the atmosphere of the original garage and projects it straight to the modernity of the XXI century, giving great attention to sustainability.

Also, the technological fittings have been conceived to be environmental friendly and innovative. The heating of indoor spaces is based the principles of geothermal energy, thanks to a heat pump system which uses aquifer water.
It allows remarkable savings of energy and harmful emissions into the environment.

Photovoltaic panels help supplying a large part of electricity required by Garage Italia. They are positioned in such a way not to alter the architectural line of the building. The varnishing of the exterior was carried out with Airlite-based varnish, a special coloring that uses sunlight to reduce the level of polluting substances in the air, up to 88,8%, neutralize smells and eliminate mold and bacteria.

Soul Creativity