An architectural artwork

The building underwent a meticulous intervention to revive the soul of this iconic place. To bring out the original colors of the structure, all the ceramic pieces of the mosaic covering the curved surface of the two canopies and the exterior facades have been carefully cleaned and restored.

Two lines of neon lights were fitted along the perimeter of the canopy wings, in the spirit and style of the 50’s. This special architectural element enhances the aerodynamic shape of the building and brings life to the enlightened former station, echoing a whole era and catalyzing the attention onto its futuristic lines.

Above the roof line, the high masts retrace the lines of the original structure. They are the supports of the new Garage Italia sign, shooting up towards the sky and easily identified.

A dive into design

Entering in the Garage Italia is getting a foot in pure creativity and excellence. Just after the main entrance, which recalls the original glass window of the 50s, discover a huge cloud made up of over 1.100 model cars suspended above the lively bar area, and inviting towards the soul of Garage Italia Custom: the hotbed of tailor-made customization.

Soul Creativity